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Experience the thrill of battling hordes of zombies and monsters in Syahera A Bad Day APK. Navigates through the school and fights her way through huge mobs of Undead!
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Introduction To Syahera A Bad Day APK

Embark on an unforgettable journey in the pixelated world of Syahera A Bad Day APK. This Anime-style 2D game offers a nostalgic gaming experience somewhat reminiscent of old-school classic video games. Step into the shoes of Syahata, a brave and courageous high school student trapped and surrounded by a relentless army of undead monsters within the walls of a Japanese college.

syahata a bad day apk mod

Syahera A Bad Day APK combines the properties of a classic PvE fighting game, with puzzles and some properties from Metroidvania games such as utility and exploration. As you continue exploring, you will face an endless stream of zombies and enemies that you will have to fight or avoid. There are several cool fight sequences such as boss battles and many intricate puzzles to solve in order to progress in the game.

Navigate through the treacherous school corridors armed with Syahata’s dancing skills and an assortment of self-defense tools, such as long sticks, fire-arms, etc. Your goal in Syahera A Bad Day APK is to strategically outmaneuver the relentless undead and help Syahata find her way to safety. Syahera A Bad Day APK will get you hooked and addicted to its 2D pixelated anime-style and very detailed world. Quick thinking, courage, and constant action is the name of the game!

How To Play Syahera A Bad Day APK

  • Unfortunately, Syahera A Bad Day APK is not available on Google Play Store.
  • Luckily, you have nothing to worry about! As we have provided the free Syahera A Bad Day APK download link/download button below!
  • Additionally, the Syahera A Bad Day APK game can be run on virtually any Android device without any issues regarding space or graphics.
    syahata a bad day apk android
  • To play Syahera A Bad Day APK, click the download button, this will promt your browser to ask you whether you want to download the Syahera A Bad Day APK Android installation file or not. It may also warn you that this file is dangerous.
  • Simply press download anyway, as this is an entirely safe installation file and nothing more.
  • Once the Syahera A Bad Day APK Android installation file is downloaded, head over to the file manager app on your Android device.
  • Now locate the installation file in your recently downloaded files, then run it to express installation.
  • Once you find and run the file, your Android package installer will tell you this file is from a third-party source, and will only continue with the installation process if you allow it from settings.
  • Tap settings and then tap allow installation from this source.
  • Back out from your settings and finally, tap install.
  • After that, launch Syahera A Bad Day APK.
  • After loading in, you will see the main menu with 5 options and the game’s cover photo.
  • Visit the settings to set the volume and tweak controls if needed, and then tap the new game option.
  • The game will start off with Syahata grabbing a broken cleaning viper as her first weapon to fend off an undead fellow student.
  • Use the on-screen controls to move and attack the zombie.
  • As you continue exploring and progressing in the game, you will slowly untangle the intriguing story of the game and unlock new weapons.
  • Press forward and unravel the story of Syahera A Bad Day APK!

Features Of Syahera A Bad Day APK To Lookout For

We have given some of Syahera A Bad Day APK’s intriguing features that stand out below.

Intense Zombie Battles

Since the college building that Syahata is trapped in is filled to the brim with zombies, it's a given that you will be fighting them all the time. Syahera A Bad Day APK makes the action sequences really fun and enjoyable with gruesome sound effects and vibrant colors even in the pixelated anime-style world. This is especially the case with boss fights, so look forward to them!

Stunning Visuals

Despite the game being in a very early stage, this beta version alone provides some surprisingly good-looking graphics that suit the pixelated anime art style really well.

syahata a bad day apk

Syahera A Bad Day APK also offers just as good effects and animations upon interactions and all other parts of the game as well. Additionally, the sound design is just as good as its visuals, and together they add to the game’s environment to give a very classic and nostalgic feel.

Tips To Play Syahera A Bad Day APK

Here are some tips you can follow as a new player to get the hang of Syahera A Bad Day APK very quickly.

Utilize Movement

Syahera A Bad Day APK has some really simple mechanics in all parts of the games, nothing is too complicated.

syahata a bad day apk download


This includes movement. There are however some tricks you can use to maneuver around enemies instead of fighting them and end up avoiding them completely. This is a good way to conserve ammo for your hand gun in case you are running low.

Explore The Area Fully

Sometimes in games like Syahera A Bad Day APK, it can be a bit tedious to explore every part of the area you are currently in. But this is always recommended, as you never know what you might miss out on. Maybe it's just an extra health pack or some extra ammo that comes in handy later on.


For players who are looking for another exploration and fighting game to play on their Android devices, Syahera A Bad Day APK is just the option. Play as Syahata and help her escape her school and reach a safe area, all the while experiencing constant action and fight sequences against hordes of undead! Give it a shot and judge for yourself!

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