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SiNiSistar APK is a 2D action indie game that features Rabiane, a sister from the church sent to exorcize the terrifying demons and beings that inhabit a cursed land.
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Introduction To SiNiSistar APK

SiNiSistar APK is a 2D indie game. The protagonist, Rabiane, is a sister priestess from the church. She has been sent to the cursed city of Kessaria that has been completely overwhelmed by monsters and cursed demonic beings. In turn, Kessaria has fallen into ruin with no signs of normal life.

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Your job as Rabiane is to exorcise the monsters in Kessaria. You start off at an abandoned cathedral and make your way over to the castle and the city’s heart. Due to the dire conditions you have to face all the horrors of Kessaria on your own.

How To Play SiNiSistar APK

  • SiNiSistar APK can be played on practically any Android device for free.
  • We have provided the free SiNiSistar APK Download button below.
  • Tap the download button.
  • Your browser will warn you that this file can be harmful for your device.
  • Tap download anyway, as this is just the installation file for SiNiSistar APK.
  • Once the download is complete, open your file manager application.
  • Make your way over to the recently downloaded files and run the SiNiSistar APK Android installation file.
  • Follow through with the installation procedure.
  • Make sure to have the allow installation from Unknown Sources option turned on before running the installation file.
  • Launch SiNiSistar APK.
  • Start the game and use the on-screen controls to navigate through the terrain.
  • Avoid and defeat any enemies that you face.
  • Move forward and exorcise the monsters that live within Kessaria.

Exciting Features In SiNiSistar APK

SiNiSistar APK offers some very exciting features. Players that enjoy a good scare or just a dark and cursed environment are sure to love this game. Anyhow, here are some of its best features.

Scary and Dark Environment

You play as Rabiane, a sister from the church who has been sent to cleanse the cursed and abandoned city of Kessaria. Once a lively city is now filled to the brim with demonic beings.

sinisistar apk android

SiNiSistar APK draws the environment of Kessaria perfectly. From dark and scary rooms and hallways in the castle to a dense and foreboding forest. All of this combined to make a spine-chilling environment!

Enemy Variety

One of the features that stands out the most is the large amount of enemy variety. Despite being an indie game, SiNiSistar APK still features over 40 different types of enemies. Each and every enemy possesses a different set of attacks and behavior.

Tips To Play SiNiSistar APK

SiNiSistar APK has quite a simple set of mechanics, despite this, the game can be a bit overwhelming for some new players. To help you get the grasp of the game quickly, we have given some tips below.

Understand Combat

When you start the game, you will all the combat abilities already unlocked. You can choose between a quick short sword attack which is of course a close ranged attack.

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Or you can choose to use your bow which can be aimed and used as a long range combat option. But do keep in mind, the bow has limited ammo, so refrain from wasting ammo and conserve it as much as possible.

Beware Of Different Enemy Types

As mentioned earlier, SiNiSistar APK features over 40 different types of enemies. Each enemy behaves differently and has a unique attack pattern. If you face an alien enemy that you have not seen before, move with caution until you memorize their attack patterns and behaviors.


That's about it. To conclude, SiNiSistar APK is a 2D indie game with a lot of focus on the horrifying environment and world building. The game features very simple mechanics that include movement and combat. Lots of different types of monsters and enemies to fight off. And most importantly SiNiSistar APK offers a dark and interesting story that is sure to send shivers down your spine! Download the SiNiSistar APK game now for free, and enjoy your exorcism adventures with Rabiane!

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