Enjoy the same functions as the original but with added innovative features! Customize, communicate and enjoy being on top of your contacts with Alo WhatsApp!

The Huge Theme Collection

With Alo WhatsApp, you can customize the entire user interface with a new theme from a huge collection!

Personalize Your Chat Background

Make each of your chat boxes unique with a personalized chat background!

Light/Night Mode

Easily read messages even at night with the Light/Night Mode turned on.

Airplane Mode

Enable Airplane Mode for the app so you can stop receiving messages until you turn it off.

Anti-Delete Status

You can still see the status of your other contacts even when they delete them!

Always Online Mode

Always receive messages and calls when you turn on this feature.

No Forward Limit

Forward as many messages as you want to your contacts without any limits.

Create Your Own GIFs

Enjoy a fun feature where you can create your own GIFs that you can send to your contacts!

Send Unlimited Images

There’s no more limit to the amount and the size of images you can send with Alo WhatsApp.

Send High-Quality Images

Send photos to your contacts in the highest-quality possible always! You don’t need to worry about the app ruining the photo’s quality.


Let’s take a closer look at our Alo WhatsApp!

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App screenshot img
App screenshot img
App screenshot img
App screenshot img
App screenshot img
App screenshot img
App screenshot img


Alo WhatsApp is a modded WhatsApp that’s been made to provide users with more features. As you know, this app was made for users so they don’t have to resort to other alternatives.
Even though there are many WhatsApp alternatives out there, Alo WhatsApp is one of the best ones today! You should download this app because it contains the latest features and extra ones that you can’t find elsewhere.
Yes, it is entirely safe to download. This app has been tested even before it was uploaded and it’s continually tested for safeness with new updates.
No, you don’t have to pay anything. Alo WhatsApp is completely free to download today!
As of now, it’s not available for iOS. But stay tuned for updates because there might be a version for iOS in the future.